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Second album!

2014-02-15 12:31:57 by z0mbie87

It's been 6 years since I released my debut album 'Posthumous Love Letters' on NG, but after a long hiatus I'm starting to pick things back up again and have started working on my sophomore release 'Suddenly Blood.' Stay tuned for upcoming track releases!

Breaking the silence

2008-04-21 18:56:12 by z0mbie87

I have uploaded 2 more songs from the good ol' days. BTW, my artist name is inferior.SELF

Posthumously yours,
the benevolent z0mbie

new account creation

2008-04-11 13:10:59 by z0mbie87

My old NG account Zombie-san was created over 2 years ago, way before I finally settled upon my now universally-used username z0mbie87.

I apologize for any inconvenience; I am still in the process of shifting everything over from my old account. What saddens me most is that I will lose all of my EXP, reviews, ratings, and levels. oh well...

Posthumously yours,
the benevolent z0mbie